We thoroughly handle each and every aspect of storage and transportation of our products. They are shipped by air in Styrofoam boxes filled with ice. Then, our seafood is stored in a professional cold room to protect its unique quality and freshness. Each order is hand prepared and carefully vacuum sealed. Together with cold gel packs, vacuum packed products are put into thermal bags so that the whole package does not smell and can stay for a few hours at room temperature.

Delivery options:

  • Standard (PLN 15) – we deliver on working days within a time slot of your choice (11:00-14:00, 14:00-17:00, or 17:00-20:00).
  • Express (PLN 25) – you order on work days between 11:00-18:00, we deliver in 2h.

Free delivery:

  • For purchases above PLN 200 – Standard option for free.
  • For purchases above PLN 300 – all delivery options free of charge.