Shrimps, cold-water (500g) + salmon, wild-caught (1000g)

269,00  waga ~ 500g + 1000g

  • Products for a delicious and healthy lunch for 4 persons
  • Mild and succulent shrimps as an ideal appetizer
  • Distinct and low-calorie salmon – a perfect main course

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A set to prepare a delicious and healthy lunch: shrimps as a starter and salmon as a main course.

Greenland shrimps live in their natural habitat as opposed to many farmed warmwater species. Due to low water temperature, they grow very slowly – most of the catch is between 4-6 years old. During this period, cold-water shrimps get unique flavour and texture – differentiating them from tropical species. Fresh, succulent shrimps are not only a feast for the palate, they also contain a wide range of nutrients. Greenland shrimps suit well to a variety of cooking methods – one can grill them pre-marinated, broil with sauces, steam, add to seafood soups or stews, or use in salads.

Wild salmon is caught in limited amounts from the north Atlantic – our selections come from subarctic waters off the coasts of Canada and Iceland. Salmon that lives in its natural environment has richer, more distinct flavour than farmed species. Fresh meat has a wet look and an intense orange colour. On top of superior flavour, another wild-caught salmon’s advantage over farmed species stems from the fact it is lower in calories and richer in protein – thus it is a more valuable component of a balanced diet. Baked salmon goes well with new potatoes or rice, pastas are also good companions; in addition, it may be the main ingredient of a burger.



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